Launching the Shop

This adventure has created a number of new gray hairs which I don't mind at all because who doesn't want that trendy style without the salon price tag?  I have always wanted to work for myself as far back as I can remember.  My work ethic is crazy high and I place a great deal of expectation on myself while performing any job. 

When I turned forty I realized if I want to chase this dream I need to go after it before I'm too old to enjoy the journey.  Working for corporate has its perks, for sure.  However, it also has its downfalls.  I want to work these long days and know everything I am putting into my work is for me and my family.  I want work meetings and conference calls to take place in the backyard over a picnic.  I want to hire people with whom I want to work.  Am I making sense?  

Six months ago after lots of discussion with my husband and father, I decided to go for it.  All the tax documents, licenses, and permits.  The whole enchilada!  So here we are.  We are starting out small and making projects I would put in my house.  I have a range of style I love.  Everything from the neutral farmhouse decor to the bright coastal colors.  Tommy and I love our wood projects hobby and really enjoy the little time we are able to grab and work together.  Hopefully in the not-so-distant future we will do this full time together.

That being said, please email us any items you would like to see in the shop  We like to build, but I also like to go treasure hunting and upcycle pieces into a new life.   We have been experimenting with building some furniture and quickly fell in love.  I am currently using my amazing new desk we built together using plans we slightly modified from the amazing Ana White.  It would cost a pretty penny to ship, however it is quality made and will stand the test of time.  Not to mention super cute!  

Time to launch and get back into the garage to add more projects.  New signs in the works!  


Leah & Tommy





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